My name is Mark Hunanyan. I am a year old Aesthetic Engineer / Game Developer / Digital Artist. From an early age, I was accompanied by paintbrush and watercolor. After few years I was attending drawing classes. Everything seemed to be going well, but something was missing. Drawing on different technologies for 8 years (1999-2007), I was searching for my own orientation. After some years, when I got my first Dell Inspiron and was very familiar with three-dimensional games, I still had the feeling of dissatisfaction in my heart. Equally, I was interested in the fact how those games have been created. My interest in 3D was growing more and more, simultaneously the quantity and quality of games were increasing. In 2004 I got to know to Discreet 3dsmax 5 as the my first three dimensional toy. That time it seemed to be overwhelmingly difficult but at the same time tool with an interesting interface. Slowly I learned to work with my own mistakes. Within some years, those softwares and other tools of the industry became well-known and multifunctional tools for an individual work for me due to research. Continuing my education in Educational Complex of Hakob Kojoyan (2004-2007), I kept on drawing which I have liked since childhood. At the final year of my studies, I came across to the brochure of SAFAA which was concentrated on the sphere of CG. Immediately after graduating (2007-2011) I got a job almost on the sphere of my specialization, working as a common 3D Artist. With an experience increased during years, I was approaching to my specialization more and more. Then I started working in different places as Senior 3D Artist. Getting enough skills and practice of teaching, I started teaching CG as well ( here, for example). In 2015, I began to study OOP and FSM, which allowed me to create interactive artworks. I have conducted master classes and got an experience of teamwork during years following the idea that all amazing projects are created due to stubborn work.

Author of Learning Method for 3D Generalists (2010), 0-to-Master (2011), Volume on the Plane (2012), Modeling Perception (2013), ProColor (2015), RandomX (2015), Line is Information (2017), LUNETA (2017), Differences in Growth Patterns (2018).

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